Sector-Related Legal Services

Barr Law Group is made up of a team of highly experienced lawyers who possess a wide breadth of legal knowledge. As a result, our firm is able to handle a broad array of cases in a variety of legal areas. The following specialty services we offer are available to residents and businesses throughout the state of Vermont.
Aviation Law
Our office has branched into this exciting and expanding field that includes flight, air travel and associated legal and business concerns, including the development of local airport and aviation-related businesses.

CIS EB-5 Projects
The firm is prepared to assist clients in obtaining approval of CIS EB-5 projects. As a Regional Center, Vermont offers substantial advantages for those seeking approval of EB-5 projects.

Federal & State Tax Disputes
This firm has partnered with one of the foremost Washington D.C. tax attorneys to assist high net worth individuals and businesses with their federal and state tax problems including estate and trust fund taxes, income taxes and sales and use taxes.

Government Regulatory Compliance & Relations
We assist companies in navigating the matrix of government compliance in the employment context, including U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and State of Vermont Office of the Attorney General Public Protection Division.

Hospitality Law
Hospitality law encompasses a wide variety of practice sectors including employment, tort, contract, and government regulatory issues as well as various state and local permitting requirements. Since 1993, this office has been representing resorts, restaurants, food-service purveyors, bars, spas and lodging industries. Our legal knowledge in these areas is second to none.

Liquor Control Investigations & Defense
Over the last two decades, we have assisted and defended restaurant and bar owners being investigated for alleged violations of liquor laws and regulations. These regulations are highly complex and require careful navigation and seasoned professional representation.

Client-Focused Legal Services

All of the services that our firm offers are centered on the needs and objectives of the clients we represent. Whether you are an individual or a business of any size, you can be confident that our attorneys have the capability and legal skills to deliver the results you need. If you are interested in learning more about our sector-related services, please contact Barr Law Group.