Family Law Attorneys

Divorce and Related Legal Matters

Our firm’s family law attorneys are prepared to advise clients in all aspects of divorce, separation and related matters. If you are currently interested in filing for divorce, having an experienced lawyer by your side can ensure that your interests are protected and that these complex legal matters are resolved as swiftly, smoothly and successfully as possible.Barr-Assoc-Family-Law[1]

Ante-Nuptial & Separation Agreements
Our firm has been involved in the negotiation, defense, and enforcement of ante-nuptial agreements as well as separation agreements in connection with divorce.

Separation & Divorce
This firm represents clients in family law matters, including the prosecution, defense and mediation of divorce and separate support proceedings.

Divorce-Related Matters
Our legal team is prepared to protect your rights and your interests in a variety of divorce-related matters. Depending on your personal situation, these can include matters related to spousal support, and property and asset distribution.

Caring and Attentive Legal Representation

Our lawyers fully understand that the divorce process is emotionally trying and difficult. We will handle all of the legal matters on your behalf, working toward protecting your interests, needs and objectives. Contact Barr Law Group to discuss your case.