Civil Litigation Lawyer

Our firm’s lawyers have more than 100 years of combined legal experience you can rely upon for any civil litigation matter. Barr Law’s attorneys have honed our skills through decades of successful representation of clients in an extraordinarily broad range of cases. We successfully practice in the following areas of law:

Our firm has briefed and argued multiple appeals to the Vermont Supreme Court, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Courts of Appeal as well as to the New York State Appellate Division and First and Second Circuit Courts of Appeals. These appeals have included cases concerning defamation, non-competition agreements, construction litigation, attorney’s fees, estate matters, family law, First Amendment issues, Federal Arbitration Act, trade secrets, a hydropower agreement, and tribal governance.

We have been involved in numerous arbitrations representing individuals and businesses in a wide variety of areas including construction disputes, condominium law, real estate matters and partnership dissolutions. Attorney Russell Barr has also been selected to act as arbitrators in commercial and real estate arbitrations.

Boundary Disputes
Situations arise in which property descriptions are misrepresented or surveys are not obtained, creating disputes between owners, buyers and sellers of real property. It is in this type of situation that experienced counsel is required to assist in efficient resolution. We have litigated and successfully tried to verdict complicated boundary dispute cases and have obtained large judgments for our clients.

Class / Consolidated Actions
Representing individuals or a class of individuals in complex litigation or arbitration requires strong and skilled counsel. Our firm’s attorneys have honed their skills over the years in consumer and commercial class actions and have the ability to litigate or arbitrate these matters.

Construction Disputes
Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of construction disputes ranging in amounts from $25,000 to $50,000,000. Our clients have included casino owners and developers as well as residential and commercial property owners and contractors. We have handled cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. Throughout the years, we have been able to develop a litigation strategy to focus on the pivotal issues in construction litigation. With this strategy, we have been able to offer our clients uniformly successful results.

Corporate and Individual Defense & Investigations
Our attorneys have been asked on multiple occasions to assist individuals, businesses and corporations with government investigations. Our clients have included nurses, doctors, real estate brokers, police officers, health care professionals, a Native American tribe, restaurants, bars, resorts, home health care providers and other state-licensed businesses, including medical spas.

Derivative Actions

Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted derivative actions on behalf of corporate shareholders in matters involving extensive looting of a corporation by senior management and directors.

In this constantly changing and challenging economic environment, our firm actively represents banks, financiers and individuals in foreclosures, deed-in-lieu arrangements and workouts including structured refinancing in residential and commercial matters.

Insurance Coverage, Recovery & Counseling
During the last 20 years, we have assisted policyholders in obtaining rightly deserved insurance coverage under their policies for property, liability and automobile claims. Our attorneys have extensive experience in preparing and negotiating claims and litigating insurance coverage issues to ensure adequate and reasonable recovery for our clients. We are uniquely skilled in the areas of insurance including property damage, general and umbrella liability as well as uninsured and underinsured claims.

Liquor Control Investigations & Defense
Over the last decade, we have assisted and defended restaurant and bar owners being investigated for alleged violations of liquor laws and regulations. This regulatory regime is highly complex and requires careful navigation by seasoned and experienced professionals.

Non-Competition Agreements
Non-competition agreements are heavily negotiated and include essential contract rights. Litigation involving the enforcement of these agreements is very fact-specific based on, for example, whether the non-compete arose from a sale of a business or an employee-employer relationship. We have negotiated and litigated to verdict these highly contentious agreements and accordingly have a unique perspective and are very knowledgeable as to their enforceability.

Real Estate Litigation
We have litigated to verdict a wide array of real estate disputes including residential and commercial deals gone awry as well as claims against real estate brokers, sellers and buyers in negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation and breach of contract claims.

Securities/Investor Claims Against Financial Institutions
In this day of unscrupulous investment and banking advisors, we have been keenly interested in representing individuals in recouping their losses and fees as a result of negligent and fraudulent investment advice. We have been successful in litigating and settling many cases in this complex area of law.

Timber Trespass
In heavily wooded Vermont, felling, defacing or removing trees on another person’s land is a serious offense and occurs more often than one would think. We have zealously represented our clients in protecting their properties and privacy and assisting them in recovering damages and injunctive relief.

Trademark Litigation
Our firm has been involved in trademark litigation proceedings in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. For especially complex trademark matters, we have relationships with some of the leading trademark attorneys in the nation.

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Our firm’s attorneys have been serving clients in Vermont, New York and Massachusetts for decades. Since first establishing the firm, our lawyers have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the individuals and businesses we represent and the ability to consistently resolve legal matters in a timely and favorable manner. We encourage those in need of an attorney experienced in civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution to contact Barr Law Group today.