Why Hire Barr Law?

Experienced Litigators in NY, Vermont and Federal Courts

A court decision, whether for an individual or a corporation, will have a significant impact to you or your company, or both. When you are searching for a law firm to represent you, you need to find out everything possible about their qualifications before you make a decision. We believe that we offer the most effective, professional and skilled legal counsel in the state – and we are very proud of our impressive record of success. We are experienced litigators, and have served in some of the most complex trials in Vermont, as well as in New York State.

Our Legal Team

The members of our legal team each offer a specific area of expertise, and as individuals we believe we have some of the best legal minds in the country. As a team, we are a powerhouse firm that can fight for you against any law firm in the country with confidence. We are often called upon to represent corporations in complex legal issues, and the opposing law firm has a shock when the “small law firm from Vermont” shows up and presents the most well prepared and persuasive case and prevails.

How We Can Help You With Your Legal Matter

Whether your legal issue involves a civil litigation, real estate law, a medical malpractice claim, transactional law, or involves federal Indian law and tribal law, or estate administration such as wills & trusts, you can trust our legal team to give your case the individual attention and care that it deserves. We offer compassionate, interested and committed legal representation to each and every person we serve. Each of our legal team genuinely cares about the case on a personal level. Our work ethic is high – we not only work harder, we work smarter.

When You Need An Attorney…

When you need a lawyer, who you choose is very important. We are proud to have served individuals, corporations large and small, families, and large companies throughout the State of Vermont and to have achieved a positive case outcome. We know the law, and we care about our clients. We focus on each individual case and work out a strategy that is geared to achieve results. We are creative thinkers, and our presentation to a jury can come as a surprise to a big corporate law firm that thinks that they are safe when they walk into court. Yes, we like to win. And yes – we would like to represent you or your firm. We maintain an office in New York and in Stowe, Vermont, and are involved members of the community. We live and work in the state, and we are very proud of our many achievements, both in negotiations and in verdicts. We urge you to contact our firm and discuss your case. We believe you will be comfortable and reassured that your case will be handled by a true legal professional.

Contact Barr Law for legal representation that has the skills you need on your side.